Carrington Store Purchases Support CCF

March 21, 2017

We all lead busy lives, and there’s not always enough time to commit to all the wonderful volunteer opportunities available to us. But don’t worry. You can support the Carrington Charitable Foundation and the great causes we support with the click of a mouse! The Carrington Store, the online storefront offering exclusive Carrington branded items, is the perfect way to do it.

“The Carrington Store is a great opportunity,” said Shelly Lawrence, CCF’s Executive Director of Community Relations. “The store allows Associates to buy Carrington Branded items to show their Carrington pride, and is also where they can order CCF-branded products.”

Carrington- and CCF-branded products available include an H2Go Water bottle, Ogio backpacks, Patagonia fleece jackets and much more. It’s a great way to show your company pride and support a worthy cause, because a percentage of all the items purchased from the Carrington Store goes directly to CCF as a general donation.

All Associates with login credentials can buy company goods at the Carrington Store, which is accessible through the Carrington intranet. So place your order now. And if you have suggestions on items you’d like to see in the store, send a note to Shelly Lawrence.

 The CCF logo is the finishing touch for this sweet Kenneth Cole laptop bag.

You can never have enough coffee mugs.

You'll find plenty of examples of CCF apparel in your size.