A Message from Bruce Rose: Remembering Jim Gillin

January 26, 2017

A Message to Carrington Associates from Bruce Rose

Carrington Associates, Friends and Family:

It is with a great deal of sadness that I must tell you that our friend and colleague Jim Gillin passed away this weekend after his nearly one year battle with cancer. Jim has been a top professional, friend and tireless executive for nearly 10 years here at Carrington, having joined with our acquisition of the New Century Mortgage Servicing business in 2007.

Jim was originally from New Jersey, and was a United States Navy Veteran, having served our Country during the Vietnam War. As Carrington’s Senior Vice President of Facilities, Jim was responsible for the buildout and ongoing maintenance of all of our current major facilities and ensuring safety and compliance in our smaller offices; he made sure we were all comfortable in our surroundings. An incredible mentor to our younger and upcoming Associates, Jim was a constant and familiar presence in so many of our locations that it is hard to imagine the majority of you aren't familiar with his infectious smile and positive, can-do approach to virtually any situation. Without a doubt, he will be sincerely missed.

Jim is survived by his wife, Jeanie, a brother, son and daughter. Services will be held next week so family can arrive from New Jersey. I have recommended to the Carrington Charitable Foundation that we consider a grant to support prostate cancer research, with the initial donation in Jim’s memory. This insidious and mostly silent disease has affected so many of our families, yet remains far down on the funding scale relative to the other headline cancers. Perhaps all together we can make a difference in Jim’s name.

Bruce Rose

Chief Executive Officer & Founder

*    *    *


The Jim Gillin Memorial Fund

The Carrington Charitable Foundation is honoring Jim’s memory with a Memorial Fund. If you would like to support with a donation to the Jim Gillin Memorial Fund, you can do so here.