2018 Is Here! Any Questions?

January 19, 2018

At CCF we’re excited about everything coming up in 2018. This quarter our watchword is “Engagement” and we plan to focus more than ever on building awareness and strengthening connections among our Associates, and on finding more ways for people to get involved and to participate with CCF.

We always want to hear from Associates, so we’re doing it in a way we think you’ll like: A CCF “Ask Me Anything.” Ask us anything you want to know about the Foundation, and the CCF Board will answer your questions. And we mean anything. For example:

  •  ∙ How does CCF picks its causes on which to focus?
  •  ∙ Which animal charities does CCF support?
  •  ∙ What is Rosemary Rose’s favorite food?
  •  ∙ How do you get ideas for articles for the newsletter? And can anybody suggest a topic for one?

No question is off limits. And we plan to answer your questions in a fun way. We’re currently talking about recording a video in which we’ll answer the top 20 questions on-camera and then share with everyone. Click here to submit a question (or two or five!). We can’t wait to see what you’re curious about!