2017 Animal Awareness Grants

October 20, 2017

You may recall that in August, our charitable initiative focused on Animal Awareness, Shelters and Care campaigns. CCF had asked everyone to submit an animal shelter or rescue organization for a potential grant. Given recent events, the CCF Board of Directors decided to reallocate those funds toward Animal Shelters and Rescue organizations located in the areas affected by both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma.  There were many requests from Associates after the submission time had closed requesting support for these hurricane devastated areas.  CCF is proud to announce that we will be donating $5,000 to five different charities in Texas and Florida that are dedicated to helping animals affected by devastation caused by the recent hurricanes.

The first is First Coast No More Homeless Pets in Florida. In the wake of Hurricane Irma, many dogs and cats have been left homeless – and First Coast No More Homeless Pets is working hard to ensure they’re being cared for amid the disaster that remains. The organization is partnering with Best Friends Society, a national animal welfare leader, to help save the pets that now find themselves homeless. In addition to clearing shelters and providing veterinary care, First Coast No More Homeless Pets has established a 25,000-square foot Disaster Recovery Center to receive critical supplies, medicine, and other materials that they then rush to hard-hit shelters and rescues. If you would like to donate money to their cause, please do so here.

We’re also donating money to the Jacksonville Humane Society, who evacuated their animals just one day after moving into their new facility to keep them safe during the storm. The day Hurricane Irma made landfall in Jacksonville, the JHS brought in 59 animals after the Clay County Animal Control shelter was destroyed by flooding. The JHS was the only shelter that was open for intake of injured and abandoned animals during the storm, in addition to providing assistance to families in the days after the storm – and after canceling their annual fundraising event, Toast to the Animals, the organization has lost out on at least $150,000 in donations to their medical fund. The JHS still needs $4 million for the costs of their new building, and to help with the cost of caring for animals both during and after the hurricane. To help us in supporting them, call 904-493-4566 or click here to donate.

In Texas, we’re gifting a grant to three separate shelters – the first of which being the SPCA of Texas, which went above and beyond to help save animals during Hurricane Harvey. Starting Friday, August 25th, they took in 123 cats (Earl Grey is pictured above) from a partnering shelter in Corpus Christi; helped to move 97 pets, 55 dogs and 42 cats with partnering shelters in preparation for the storm on Thursday, August 31st; and by Saturday, September 2nd, were preparing to welcome more than 300 pets from evacuees to their temporary animal shelter. By Thursday, September 7th, the SPCA were housing more than 200 pets lost during the storm; and by the end of the month, they continued to care for 11 dogs, two cats, and one snake from the emergency animal shelter, along with an additional 16 dogs from a mobile shelter set up during the storm. You can help them with donations here.

Then there’s Austin Pets Alive, which stepped up to help other shelters during Hurricane Harvey by building two temporary shelters – one in Austin, the other in Houston – saving more than 3,000 animals from the storm. They’ve cared for triple that number of dogs in foster care – along with double the number of cats – and more than 6,000 volunteers have dedicated their time to help. Plus, they’ve helped other shelters in Houston and along the Texas coast with pet evacuations and related supplies, acting as a supply hub for shelters in need of help to get back on their feet in the wake of the storm. If you would like to help their continued efforts, donate here.

Lastly, there’s Pets Movement, a charity known as the biggest rescue partner for the city shelter – plus, they take animals off death-row, helping more than 23,000 pets get into foster care since 2013. Pets Movement has been instrumental in helping with animal support during Hurricane Harvey, providing transport and veterinary care for animals who were caught in the storm. You can help by donating here.

We’re proud to support these terrific charities as they work to help animals who desperately needed assistance being reunited with their owners and rescued from the danger of the hurricanes that passed through each area. We encourage everyone to consider helping them out, too, ensuring that the furry friends they help find a new lease on life in the wake of the storms that affected so many.