Veterans Day 2020

November 10, 2020

A Message from Bruce Rose 

On November 11, we have a special opportunity to remember the contribution of all Veterans who have served our nation, defending our Freedom and our Constitution. Given the discourse and perceived division in our country today, it strikes me that this Veterans Day is of particular importance. 

Nineteen years have passed since September 11, 2001, which inspired so many men and women to volunteer to serve. Decades now past Desert Storm, Vietnam, Korea and a fading Veteran presence from World War II, and none left from World War I. So many Veterans have served and helped to create our life in the United States as we know it today. 

We can all learn a lesson from their service. No Veteran throughout any conflict since the Civil War has given a thought to which political party, race, gender or income class that they are serving. Instead, all have served – and too often sacrificed – while sworn to defend America, our Freedom, our Constitution, our very way of life. None, while sitting in a trench, a rice paddy or on a hill covered in sand, have questioned the necessity or viability of that mission. It was their sworn duty, and an obligation that they volunteered for, accepted and faithfully fulfilled. 

Today, too few of us recognize or remember the contribution of Veterans to our society on a daily basis – especially as the memories of the conflicts fade. At Carrington, not only do we strive to recognize that contribution and sacrifice, but we work to repay that debt in any way possible. The Carrington Charitable Foundation’s Signature Programs of Veteran Support is guided by the mantra of “Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity,” attempting to shepherd Veterans of the post-9/11 conflicts back to the civilian society that they served to protect and defend. We are a leading provider of Veterans Administration-insured mortgage loans, providing an opportunity for Veterans to purchase and refinance a home, and allowing them to enjoy a peaceful and settled family life. 

Yet, even with these efforts, there is always a feeling in the background that while we can never do enough, we can always do more. 

Please take a few minutes on Wednesday to join me and put the rest of the media and political world aside, look around the real world and be thankful that the Veterans who have served our great nation have helped to preserve all that is good and gracious in our world.

Bruce Rose
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
of The Carrington Companies