On Memorial Day, The Carrington Companies Remember America’s Heroes, Now at Rest

May 26, 2022

A Memorial Day Message from Bruce Rose 

This Memorial Day, our world is not at rest. While lesser conflicts simmer around the globe, a horrendous war rages in Ukraine. The brute forces that would strangle freedom are bold, so we must be emboldened to protect the values and the people of the United States that we hold dear. On this Memorial Day, we remember those brave American soldiers whose missions ended while defending the most noble of causes, our freedoms, and who are heroes all.  

Since its inception, CCF’s Signature Programs have focused on Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity. The Stability Pillar has ensured that catastrophically wounded Veterans and their families have a home they can call their own, and begin to heal and live independently, enjoying the freedom they sacrificed to protect. In 2020, after having built 26 homes for catastrophically injured Veterans and their families through the Carrington House Program, Carrington and the Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) have shifted our focus, creating the Gold Star Family Housing Initiative to retire the mortgages of struggling Gold Star families. 

A Gold Star Family is the immediate family of a fallen service member who has died while serving during a time of conflict. 

Recently, CCF assisted two deserving Gold Star families: the families of U.S. Navy Lieutenant (SEAL) Mike McGreevy and U.S. Navy Special Operations Chief Petty Officer (SEAL) David Fegyo. Both of these brave soldiers made the ultimate sacrifice while serving their country. By paying off their families’ mortgages, CCF relieved a major financial burden to facilitate their families’ Stability. 

Lieutenant Mike McGreevy, known among his peers for his indomitable spirit and perseverance, served for 12 years with multiple deployments in support of combat operations around the world. On June 28, 2005, while on a combat rescue mission during Operation Red Wings, he was killed in action along with 15 fellow service members when the MH-47 Chinook helicopter he was aboard was shot down by an enemy rocket-propelled grenade. 

Chief Petty Officer David Fegyo served his country with fierce loyalty for 12 years, deploying to various locations including Iraq and Afghanistan. His peers often referred to him as the ultimate SEAL Operator. Despite a terminal cancer diagnosis, Fegyo exemplified unswerving fortitude when he elected to deploy one final time. After a two-year-long battle with service-related brain cancer, CPO Fegyo passed away on October 5, 2014. 

Today, CCF and the Carrington Companies honor these warriors’ legacies by supporting the principles for which they made the ultimate sacrifice. CCF and Carrington are a perfect fit to assist in this mission, utilizing the relationships within the mortgage industry and the Foundation’s experience in fundraising for Veteran housing and mortgage initiatives. The Carrington Companies and CCF can make a lasting difference in the lives of these struggling Gold Star families by giving them a place to forever call home, relieved of the economic burden of a mortgage. 

On this Memorial Day, as we recall another year of sacrifices and restrictions, we should be ever more grateful to those who fought and sacrificed to preserve the greater freedoms we have long held dear. Wherever you may find yourself on Memorial Day – at a parade, a service or a holiday gathering with loved ones – please pause to reflect on the memories, and the sacrifice, of heroes like Lt. Mike McGreevy and CPO David Fegyo, who will forever carry a burden they refused to set aside. These heroes, and so many others like them, are now at rest. It falls to all of us to remember, and to honor, their service to our nation. 

Bruce Rose
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Of The Carrington Companies 

This Memorial Day, on behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation’s Veterans.
They will always be honored and remembered.