Looking Back on a Great Year

December 19, 2020

Instead of looking forward, we’re taking a look backward on a great year of giving for CCF thanks to Carrington Associates. Despite the challenges of a global pandemic, 2020 was another year in which we all worked together to contribute to the communities where we work and live.

Vylla Palm Desert Serves at the Find Food Bank

Affordable housing, along with the scarcity of adequate food, provide direct correlations to poverty in the United States. For some, these numbers are not just a statistic, but a reality that affects them daily. In January, Carrington Charitable Foundation saluted a team of Vyllagers from our Palm Desert, CA, location, who served on the forefront during the holiday season at Find Food Bank (FFB) in Indio, CA, sorting and shipping food to people in need.

Rather than having a traditional Christmas party, the team chose to give back to the community, and had a great time sorting 1,700 pounds of tangerines that were then shipped to FFB distribution partners. FFB is an amazing organization that feeds approximately 85,000 people a month throughout the Coachella Valley in southern California.

During the summer months, the Palmdale, CA, area collects 40-50,000 cans of food to stock local food banks. Many families benefit from support during the summer, at time when schools are not in session that might otherwise provide free and reduced-cost lunches.

Federal guidelines in 2019 set the poverty rate at $25,750 in income for a family of four. However, depending on a family’s specific city and state of residence, the actual minimum amount required to raise a family could be two or three times that, according to WhyHunger.org. The organization reports that 736 million people worldwide, or 10 percent of the world’s population, live on the equivalent of less than $1.90 per day.

Would you like to help address hunger issues where you live and work? Here’s a listing of food banks near Carrington locations:

Anaheim, CA: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/ca-anaheim
Brentwood, TN: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/tn-nashville
Greenwich, CT: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/ct-greenwich
Jacksonville, FL: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/fl-jacksonville
Orange County, CA: https://ocfoodbank.org
Plano, TX: https://www.ntfb.org
Windsor, CT: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/ct-windsor
Westfield, IN: https://www.foodpantries.org/ci/in-westfield

Working Wardrobes Clothing Drive

Carrington is a proud supporter of the many worthy contributions that Working Wardrobes offers to our community. In February, after a tragedy, we had the opportunity to help them rebuild. On Sunday, Feb. 2, 2020, a fire consumed the Working Wardrobes headquarters in Irvine, CA, and, unfortunately, everything was destroyed. CCF teamed up with the Anaheim Ducks and Consolidated Analytics to assist this well-respected, local nonprofit organization in their recovery efforts.

The Working Wardrobes clothing drive was a huge success! Carrington Associates generously donated more than 3,500 articles of clothing including suits, dresses, business casual clothes, shoes and accessories. 

As of this moment, WW is not accepting any more clothing donations, but when they begin again, we will let you know. And though this worthy organization may not be currently receiving clothes, they are still accepting monetary donations. All monetary funds are used to purchase gift cards for gas (and other necessities) and are distributed to Working Wardrobes clients in need. Sadly, all the gift cards WW had in their inventory were destroyed in the Feb. 2, 2020, fire. Working Wardrobes and Carrington Charitable Foundation have created a special page where contributions can be made.

Four Associates Freezin’ For A Reason

In March, four brave men from our Westfield, IN, location participated in the 2020 Polar Plunge – jumping into a creek in the middle of winter to raise funds for Special Olympics Indiana. These hardy souls were Stephen Shawhan, Sales Manager, Retail Lending, Carrington Mortgage Services; Francisco Guzman – Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services; Scott Sorenson, Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services; and John Petzke, Senior Loan Officer, Retail Center, Carrington Mortgage Services.

Every year, Special Olympics Indiana hosts the Polar Plunge. Teams or individuals sign up to jump in chilly Eagle Creek, on the northwest side of Indianapolis. Because it was for a good cause, our guys decided to form a team and take the plunge. On the day of the event, the outside temperature was around 38 degrees, and the water temperature was only slightly warmer at 43 degrees. Because this was their first time, our guys were unaware they would have to wait around awhile before jumping in. 

“We made the mistake of getting into our suits and taking off our shoes way too early,” says John. “We ended up standing around for about an hour. When it was finally Team Shawdizzle’s turn, we hit the water as fast as we could, and made sure to go fully under. That was the agreement we had made beforehand, and we all did.” 

Thanks to the great support from other Associates and friends, Team Shawdizzle raised $1,465 for the cause, earning them a respectable 16th place out of 95 teams. 

“We want to thank everyone who supported us,” says John. “It was a great time for a great cause; and to quote the event’s slogan, we were freezin’ for a reason.

United Country Real Estate Raises $24,000 for CCF and Veterans in Live Auction

In April, United Country Real Estate raised $24,000 for the Carrington Charitable Foundation during a live auction event at their annual Training and Awards Convention on March 13, 2020, in Kansas City, MO. They hosted nationally known singer and painter Joe Everson, who has gone viral after singing the National Anthem while painting live-action artwork. Everson performed live during the banquet portion of the convention, singing America the Beautiful while painting a patriotic portrait of the American Flag. He also brought along a painting he already made that represented all five branches of the military. 

As the largest integrated group of traditional and auction real estate professionals nationwide, United Country had professional auctioneers on deck to conduct a live, on-the-spot auction for both of the paintings. There was a heated bidding war in the event, to which Everson offered to draw a third painting to auction. The three paintings generated $24,000 for the Carrington Foundation, thanks to generous United Country affiliates. The money will help veterans with Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity. 

“United Country auctioneers have a vested interest in utilizing their bid calling craft to support important charitable and philanthropic organizations,” said Shawn Terrel, President of United Country Auction Services. “The professional auction industry has a passion for the benefit and charity sector and our company is uniquely positioned to dramatically affect change in the world through our massive network of thousands of auctioneers and real estate brokers. As a military veteran and an auction industry leader, I am personally committed to leveraging our company’s auction expertise to raise both awareness and funding needed in support of important causes like our armed forces and those that have served this country.”

On Memorial Day, The Carrington Companies Honor Our Country’s Fallen Heroes

A Memorial Day Message from Bruce Rose

From “The Fallen" by Duncan Campbell Scott:
Those we have loved the dearest,
The bravest and the best,
Are summoned from the battle
To their eternal rest.​

The willingness of America’s Veterans to make the ultimate sacrifice for our country has earned them our lasting gratitude. Whatever they could do for their country, they were willing to do – even though it could result in the ultimate sacrifice. In expressing our gratitude and admiration for those Heroes, we should endeavor to live by the principles and freedoms for which so many brave soldiers have fallen.

At The Carrington Companies, we hope to serve the fallen by honoring the Veterans among us. Through the Carrington Charitable Foundation, we are privileged to provide ongoing support to courageous military service members and their families through our Veteran-focused Signature Programs. These programs offer diverse assistance to Veterans by providing the Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity these Heroes need and deserve. Since Memorial Day 2019, we welcomed U.S. Army Specialist Michael Liscomb and his family into a Carrington House home. We are also currently breaking ground on the home for U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Matthew Miles and his family; and the homes for U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon and U.S. Marine Corps Corporal Michael Jernigan are currently in the planning stages.

Wherever you may find yourself on Memorial Day, please take a moment to pause and reflect on the memories, and the sacrifices, of those who stood tall and gave all they had to guard our freedoms.

Especially on this Memorial Day, we should all set aside thoughts of our own relatively trivial current sacrifices and restrictions, and recognize with reverence those who fought and sacrificed so we can all be free. 

On behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation's Veterans. Because we remember them, they will always live on.​ 

Bruce Rose
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
of The Carrington Companies

This Memorial Day, on behalf of The Carrington Companies, we thank our nation's Veterans. They will always be honored and remembered.

CCF Round Up Program

In June, we shared an update on the success of the CCF Round Up Program. In September 2019, the CCF launched its Round Up program – an innovative way for Carrington borrowers to support the great work CCF is doing in communities across America.

The Round Up program was originally designed to allow borrowers to “round up” their monthly mortgage payment to the nearest dollar amount. For example, if a borrower’s monthly mortgage payment is $650.25, they could elect to round up to the nearest dollar ($651.00) and, in doing so, donate 75 cents to CCF. However, after its launch, a slight modification was made to the program. Instead of “rounding up” their monthly mortgage payment, borrowers can now make either a one-time or recurring donation to CCF with their monthly mortgage payment, in any amount of their choosing. To date, the program has raised more than $87,000 from more than 20,000 individual borrowers, proving that even small amounts can add up to big numbers over time.

These generous donations are contributing to the inspiring work that is the CCF mission. From supporting our Veterans, to assisting with disaster relief and feeding the hungry, to helping companion animals and much more, CCF and its Board of Directors, together with Carrington Associates, are committed to improving life in the communities where we work and live. Monthly giving is a sustainable source of funding that allows CCF to continue its work. If you have a mortgage that is serviced by Carrington, we hope you’ll consider participating in the Round Up program. In doing so, you’ll help CCF support our charitable partners in our local communities, and our combat wounded Veterans across the United States.

Thank you for considering supporting CCF and the causes it serves. For more information about the Carrington Charitable Foundation and the Round Up program, please visit www.carringtoncf.org.

Carrington House: Update for the Miles Family

In July, we shared that CCF had broken ground on the Carrington House home for U.S. Army Sergeant 1st Class Matthew Miles on May 18, 2020. The initial expected build time was 12 months. Here’s the July update, and above in Signature Programs Updates you’ll find the latest on the Miles build. From July:

According to Clay Morgan, VP Facilities, the Miles project is on schedule and progressing nicely. “The grading and foundation work was completed earlier this month,” says Clay, “and the wall framing is coming along at an excellent pace. We expect rough framing to be complete by the end of the month, which will allow us to begin the interior work. Matt and Maria Miles have been very engaged in the project, and visit the site regularly to watch the progress. Weather and pandemic permitting, we are hoping to complete the project by the end of the year.”

Carrington House, rooted in CCF’s Stability pillar, provides custom, adaptive housing for post-9/11 combat-wounded Veterans, enabling them to regain independence in their own homes. This is accomplished by repairing, renovating or constructing a home tailored to the specific needs of each Veteran and their family.

To date, more than 23 homes have been built or remodeled by CCF to suit the needs of wounded Veterans and their families. In lieu of an in-person event for the 10th Annual Golf Classic, we created sponsorship opportunities for our supporters and donors to have a direct impact on the homes in progress for U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Jernigan and U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon. Thank you for considering supporting Carrington House.

VAC Flights Never Stop

In August we let you know that even during the pandemic, when the services they provide are more important than ever, the Veterans Airlift Command (VAC) continues to provide free air transportation to post-9/11 combat wounded Veterans and their families. When Veterans need air transportation for medical and other compassionate purposes, the VAC, with its national network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots, is always standing by. 

Captain Mark Bishop of Carrington Aviation has been flying Veterans for over five years, and Carrington Aviation has been averaging at least one VAC flight per month. Earlier this year, Captain Bishop flew two veterans, Alex and Isa, to Washington, D.C., so Alex could be fitted for new prosthetic legs. 

“Alex has both legs amputated and uses prosthetics and a wheelchair to get around,” says Captain Bishop. “We picked them up in Sacramento and took them to the Walter Reed National Military Medical Center, so Alex could be fitted with his new legs. Afterward, we flew them back home.” 

Captain Bishop says that the missions that Carrington Aviation performs for the VAC are important to the entire flight team: “One main reasons I wanted to fly for Carrington Aviation is because of the work we do with the VAC. As a Veteran, it is very meaningful for me to be able to give back to some of my brothers and sisters who paid more on the battlefield than I did. I think I can speak for everyone when I say that these VAC flights are the most gratifying work we do. We all appreciate the opportunity to help out some of America’s true heroes.”

Every year, Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) supports VAC operations through a generous grant; and Carrington is proud to be the top flight donor for this essential nonprofit organization.

Rhode Island Wholesale Sales Golf Outing Raises Money for CCF

In September, a golf outing raised money for CCF. The Carrington Mortgage Services Wholesale Sales team in Warwick, RI, was promised a golf outing due to the great success they’ve had in 2020 year-to-date. But when Kevin DeLory, SVP Wholesale and Correspondent for CMS, approached his team and asked if they could also use this outing as a platform to raise money for CCF, they all jumped at the chance.

“I explained the struggles that CCF was having due to COVID-19, and asked if we could turn this event into a fundraiser,” DeLory said. “They all quickly agreed.”

Two teams from the Rhode Island office that participated in the outing. Team 1 was led by Kenny Phillips and Jeff Massotti; and Team 2 was led by Keith Russell. Once the tournament was on, all the participants immediately began contacting their industry connections, requesting donations to help CCF. They also agreed to make a personal donation to take part in the event. The result was a resounding success, raising $5,000 for Carrington Charitable Foundation!

“I could not be more proud of the two Rhode Island teams,” says Kevin. “They took what was supposed to be an outing to celebrate their success, and turned it into an event to help others. They are all truly a class act!”

CCF’s 10th Annual Golf Classic goes virtual to raise more than $1.2 million for wounded Veterans

Because the CCF Golf Classic was transformed into a virtual event this year, we were able to welcome a flood of Carrington Associates who had never before been able to attend, or hear the inspiring stories from the Veterans CCF is so proud to support. Carrington Associates were an important part of raising the $1.2 million for CCF’s Signature Programs. This year, more than 200 Associates made contributions to support CCF.

Every year for the past nine years, the Carrington Charitable Foundation (CCF) has hosted its celebrated Annual Golf Classic benefitting CCF’s Signature Programs that support post 9/11 combat wounded American Veterans. The Golf Classic has gained such a stellar reputation, it was named the Top Golf Event in Orange County for three consecutive years by the Orange County Business Journal. This year, for the 10th annual event, the gathering had a new name, and a new venue. To best ensure the safety of the Veterans CCF supports, REACT: A CCF Virtual Fundraiser, took place online for the first time.

Hosted by Bruce Rose, Carrington Founder and CEO, and Matt Driskill, Special Advisor to the CCF Advisory Board and U.S. Navy Veteran, the online event raised more than $1.2 million for CCF's Signature Programs that help provide Mobility, Stability, Purpose and Prosperity for Veterans returning from post-9/11 battlefields. CCF is the nonprofit organization of The Carrington Companies. For 2020, Corporate Synergies generously donated $75,000 at the Diamond Sponsor level; and Irvine Technology Corporation and Xome contributed at the Platinum Sponsor/$50,000 level.

An event highlight was renowned “anthem artist” Joe Everson’s speed painting of an American eagle – created as Joe simultaneously belted out a spirited medley of “America the Beautiful” and “God Bless America” – later auctioned for an impressive $17,500. Following Everson’s live painting were stirring video messages from U.S. Army Master Sergeant John Masson, who discussed the importance of remembering the events of 9/11; U.S. Navy Seal Matt Stevens, who outlined his work at The Honor Foundation, which helps Navy SEALs and U.S. Special Operations service members transition to life after service; U.S. Army Sergeant Matthew Melancon, who shared his journey of recovery from his wartime injuries and subsequent surgeries, including the loss of both of his legs; and U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Jernigan, who expounded on the stability his Carrington House home will bring to him and his family.

“Year after year, we continue to support and expand the CCF programs that help Veterans and their families, who have all sacrificed so much to safeguard our freedom,” said Rosemary Rose, Chairman, Carrington Charitable Foundation. “Even during a global pandemic, donors, partners, friends and families joined us in a virtual setting to help us keep our promises to the Veteran families and nonprofit organizations that depend on us for ongoing support.”

Since 2011, the CCF Golf Classic has raised nearly $23 million for CCF’s Signature Programs, which provide diverse ongoing assistance to Veterans and their families. In addition to presentations by Veterans, online attendees bid on a wide variety of items donated by Carrington associates and sponsors, with all proceeds pledged toward CCF’s ongoing mission, which supports Veterans through initiatives that provide:

  • Mobility: CCF financially supports The Veterans Airlift Command (VAC). Working with a network of volunteer aircraft owners and pilots, the VAC provides free private air transportation for Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts and their families.
  • Stability: Carrington House provides custom, adaptive homes for catastrophically injured Veterans. To date, Carrington House has built 24 homes for deserving Veterans, each designed to meet the special needs of wounded Veterans and their families. Three more homes currently are in progress.
  • Purpose: CCF assists such Veteran-focused nonprofits as the Travis Mills Foundation.
  • Prosperity: CCF also supports The Honor Foundation. This pillar of CCF’s Veteran-focused Signature programs works to ease the transition for our Veterans back to civilian life.

In 2004, U.S. Marine Corporal Michael Jernigan was traveling on patrol, when his Humvee was hit by a roadside bomb made from two 155 mm artillery shells. The explosion threw Jernigan 20 meters from the vehicle; and he suffered a head injury affecting 45 percent of his skull, instantly losing his vision forever. Jernigan also suffered a fractured patella, a damaged femoral artery and damage to fingers and his left knee. He subsequently endured 30 complex surgeries during more than a year in the hospital and in rehab.

“When I think of stability, it means having success and emotional well-being,” Jernigan said. “When you’re blind, out in the world, you have to be hyper-vigilant at all times, always listening for dangers. When I come home at the end of the day, I want to walk into a home where I don’t have to worry. When I come in from that sea of darkness, I’ll be in a home that was adapted to my disability – a safe place. That is what Carrington Charitable Foundation is going to do for me.”

2020 Animal Awareness Grant Winners

In November, for the sixth year in a row, CCF proudly issued grants to select animal shelters and animal rescue organizations that are in need of financial assistance. This effort was accomplished with the help of Associates who identified these organizations and nominated them to receive a grant. Each of the below animal service organizations received a grant of $1,000.

2020 Recipients of CCF Animal Awareness Grants
2nd Chances Rescue
Animal Friends of the Valleys
Arizona Beagle Rescue
Blue Ridge Bull Terrier Club Rescue
City of Corona Animal Services & Enforcement
Friends of Bisbee Animal Shelter
Humane Society for Hamilton County
Kitten Rescue Los Angeles
Legacy Humane Society
OCSP Cat Rescue
Rockwall Adoption Center
Spay Neuter Project of Los Angeles
Spay and Neuter Syracuse


In December, we shared lots of ways Associates can give during the holidays. Here are a few of the ideas and organizations we shared, and some of them may still need your help.

CASA Orange County. CASA stands for Court Appointed Special Advocates and CCF is proud to support this organization in Orange County​. For the past several years, Associates in Anaheim and Aliso Viejo have contributed to the CASA Holiday Donation Campaign. This year, Associates everywhere joined in to help.

The children of CASA Orange County are some of the county's most severely abused, abandoned and neglected children who have been placed in foster care for their own protection. We want to do whatever we can to help these children have a great holiday season.

Due the current pandemic, Associates completed gift requests for a $25 Amazon Gift Card. Once all gift cards were purchased by Associates, CCF coordinated the delivery of all the donated gift cards directly through Amazon, and mailed them to CASA Headquarters. You can still donate to the CASA General Fund.

Amazon Smile. The AmazonSmile program is a great way to give to CCF every time you shop with Amazon. When you make eligible purchases through this program, you will help to make a difference for the organizations and people that CCF supports. Click here for details about AmazonSmile. You'll find CCF's unique AmazonSmile link here (please remember to try the link from home).​

If you've never used AmazonSmile, the first time you select the link you'll be directed to smile.amazon.com and asked if you want to support Carrington Charitable Foundation. Once you select CCF, 0.5% of the price of all your eligible purchases will benefit us. It's important to go to smile.amazon.com instead of www.amazon.com when you shop, as only purchases made through this program are eligible for donations.

AmazonSmile in the Amazon Shopping app. You can now support CCF on iPhone & Android phones. Check out this super short how-to article for how to set it up! Thank you for considering using Amazon Smile to support CCF!

Toys for Tots & More. The U.S. Marines Toys for Tots Program has been delivering a message of hope – and lots of terrific toys – to less fortunate youngsters since 1947. Several Carrington locations assisted this holiday season.

Wreaths Across America. Wreaths Across America coordinates wreath­-laying ceremonies as a way to honor Veterans who have nobly served our country. Wreath-laying ceremonies are conducted at more than 2100 locations in all 50 U.S. states, at sea and abroad. This year’s event took place on December 19. For more information about this worthy organization or to sponsor a wreath, please click here.

CCF and many of the Associates around you have helped the less fortunate this holiday season. Here’s what you did this year.

Illumination Foundation. The Illumination Foundation Holiday Toy Drive collected new, unwrapped toys for children and teens of all ages. The nonprofit Illumination Foundation provides targeted, interdisciplinary services for the most vulnerable homeless adults and children to break the cycle of homelessness. Collection bins were set up in building lobbies.

Greenwich Associates participated in the local U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program. In 2019, the Stamford program distributed 22,244 toys to more than 17,000 deserving local children. You can also donate online here.

Christmas Cops. For the past four years, our Plano, TX location has participated in the Plano Police Association’s Christmas Cops. Unfortunately, since our teams are working remotely, we weren’t able to adopt individual families this year. However, the Plano Police Association put together these ways to give:

  1. The super easy option to give: Associates can donate to Christmas Cops online using PayPal here.
  2. The Plano Police Association created a registry of the most needed items on Amazon, Target, and Walmart Associates can go to the registry on each website, choose and purchase an item and have it shipped directly to the Plano Police Association. Or they can ship to their own home and then drop the item(s) at any police or fire station. 
  3. The Plano Police Association also accepts gift cards in dominations of $25 or less. Each department can set a goal for the department and collect contributions for gift cards and donate gift cards to the police department. Once the team has decided on the amount and purchased gift cards, they should be mailed to:

Plano Police Dept.
909 14th Street
Plano, TX 75074
Attn: Christmas Cops.

Plano Associates coordinated with their department managers to participate in the Christmas Cops Program. All donations were sent to the Plano Police Association.

Westfield Associates donated to the Hoosier Veteran Assistance Foundation (HVAF) and U.S. Marine Corps Toys for Tots program to give back to local heroes who have served our country, and our local less-fortunate kids. See all the details in this newsletter’s “Westfield CMS Associates Brighten the Holidays” story.