Join the CCF Group in Teams

March 27, 2021

Have you joined the Carrington Charitable Foundation group in Microsoft Teams? Of course you haven’t. That’s because it’s new! We’re just getting started, but over time you find lots of info in the CCF Teams group:

  • ● Forms and volunteer information.
  • ● Associate photos from CCF events or pics sent in by you.
  • ● CCF merchandise requests.
  • ● Info on specific initiatives, like our annual Animal Awareness Grants.
  • ● Information about upcoming CCF events, like our flagship virtual 2021 event later this year.

Here’s how to join the CCF group:

  1. 1. Open the Microsoft Teams app.
  2. 2. In the left menu bar, select the Teams
  3. 3. Just to the right of the left menu bar, in the Teams window, go to the bottom and select Join or create a team.
  4. 4. The Join or create a team menu opens to the right. In the top center square, Join a team with a code, enter the code for CCF: t4k3jrs
  5. 5. Click the Join team
  6. 6. Now you’re a member of the Carrington Charitable Foundation Teams group!