CCF Ships Over 240 Boxes for Troops

August 20, 2015

For July’s Military Awareness Month, Carrington Charitable Foundation filled over 240 packages to donate to soldiers overseas through Boxes for Troops. Response in Carrington’s offices across the country was outstanding, with employees generously donating to show their patriotic spirit and appreciation for our soldiers and give them much needed supplies and reminders of home.

Donations included toiletries, non-perishable food items, small toys, and sports items, as well as monetary donations that volunteers used to shop for supplies and fill even more boxes. Others included hand written notes of appreciation or thank you cards as a way to further show our troops support and gratitude for their service. In Carrington’s Jacksonville, Florida office alone, 44 boxes were shipped, and 18 were sent by Carrington's Windsor, Connecticut location. “The support from all departments is the Jacksonville site was simply outstanding!” shared Jawana Thomas from Jacksonville. Thank you to all of our locations that donated and participated in this worthy cause!


Location Total Boxes Shipped                                                              


Aliso Viejo, CA 35

Anaheim, CA   57

Westfield, IN 44                                                                            

Oceanside, CA 6

Orange, CA 5

Jacksonville, FL 44

Windsor, CT 18                                                                            

Greenwich, CT 23

Murrieta, CA 10                                                              

Millions of men and women serving overseas never receive any mail, and have to cope with the harsh conditions of service without signs of support from family and friends back home. Donations were distributed by the “Any Soldier” organization, a family run charity that supports all branches of the military. To date they have helped over 2 million troops, ensuring that all items donated are shared with “any soldier” – giving each service member a reminder of home and the thought that someone cares for their well-being.

At the end of the month, CCF held “packing parties” across the country as volunteers boxed up the packages for shipping. Thank you to everyone who donated and to the volunteers who assisted. You helped make this event a resounding success and show our appreciation for our troops!