A Vyllager Serves at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen

September 23, 2019

Dan Tran, a Vylla Certified Home Specialist in Anaheim, CA, shares his experience at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen in Orange County.

I want to thank Carrington Charitable Foundation for giving me the opportunity to be a part of a recent event at the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. I also wanted to share some pictures of the place and let everyone know what it’s all about.

The Someone Cares Soup Kitchen is a nonprofit dedicated to helping feed people regardless of their income or living conditions. The soup kitchen serves about 50 people at a time; and most of the people who dine here are lower income families who are just trying to get a nutritional meal for their children. Although there were some homeless people on the day we were there to serve, the majority were just regular folks who don’t make enough to provide for their family. Someone Cares does not receive grants from the federal and local government, because it doesn’t want to be limited by such government rules as only providing meals to people with valid driver’s licenses or only feeding people who live in that jurisdiction.

The food on the menu is dependent on what is donated locally from area stores. This could include foods that are nearing their expiration date or items that are slightly damaged, like a slightly bruised apple or a dented package. On the day of my visit, my job was to crack more than 100 eggs to cook breakfast. After that, I moved to the front line to serve eggs and oatmeal.

CCF and Carrington are doing a wonderful thing by bringing awareness to programs like the Someone Cares Soup Kitchen. It’s another reminder that there is still a lot of good in this world.

Below are some photos from the visit.