A New Look for the CCF Website

March 19, 2021

We’re excited to announce that the CCF website has been updated and redesigned. Improvements have been made throughout the site, creating in a fresh, new look and a more user-friendly experience for Associates and existing and prospective donors. 

According to Jack Wong, Senior UI/UX Engineer at CMS, one of the primary drivers for revamping the website was the virtual CCF events during the past year. This drove more traffic to the website that created the need for updates to its usability, as well as improved access to the most visited parts of the site.  

“The revamp includes a dropdown navigation to make it easier to navigate to subsections and to simplify content, so the most important information is at the forefront,” says Jack, “The overall design has been changed to a dark theme, which improves usability in lowlight conditions, along with other such benefits as causing less eyestrain and improved energy savings. Overall, we hope this new design will be an improvement in aesthetics and usability.” 

Check out the new and improved CCF website here. We hope you like it!